What the clients say:

HI! Actually you don´t know me, but (confidential client name), is my cousin. He forwarded the album that you guys made to my brother and he send it to me. Let me tell you I loved it. There are even pictures of me I didn´t know that existed. Thanks for the memories and the patience to make it happen.

Thanks again!
~ E.P.

Michelle did my entire house and was thoughtful with things that have sentimental value, included me as much or as little as I wanted to with different spaces and rooms, and had so many practical, smart tips along the way. She was beyond amazing, helpful and caring with my things. She even donated items for me and would bring receipts. Her schedule is very flexible, it was some of the best money I've ever spent, and I would recommend her to anyone.
~ R.S.

Michelle Worthington, and her company Worthy Spaces®, accomplished what I had tried to do for years. First I hired her to organize, catalogue and file paperwork dating back 20 years. She did a great job and went a step above what I expected and gave me a digital file.

I also hired her to organize my grand child's room. She took pictures and measurements during her assessment visit and a few days later gave us a very clear presentation, including the pictures of the existing furniture and toys and all her suggestions on how to maximize the space.

The results were fantastic and my grandchild is very proud of his room now. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle to anybody that needs a little or a lot of help with their home or office. She is professional, caring and very trustworthy.
~ Mary Sol Gonzalez

When I started making cakes/desserts/cookies for friends, family and eventually customers, I never though How much space I will required for pans, ingredients, and everything you need to store, deliver, etc…etc… My pantry, my garage, my cabinets little by little were so cluttered that It was taking me a long time of preparation for every order, just by locating what I was going to use to complete it. No matter how many bins, containers or method I was trying to use, it was impossible to keep everything organize. To make things worse, I am very reluctant to get rid of things. I keep everything just in case!!!! And I don't enjoy people telling me how I should do my things.

Then I found Worthy Spaces® and it is amazing how Michelle solved my problem in a very neat and efficient way to organize that is both: easy to follow and to keep. The best part? I could use many of the bins and containers I already had and her solutions didn't make me spend a lot of money. She worked with me all the way and any time I showed any doubt, she was very persuasive with her arguments instead of imposing on me her ideas.

I cannot be more grateful with Michelle for making my life so much easier. I recommend Worthy Spaces® without any doubt.
~ Milagros Parra (A Theme With Taste)

After returning to teaching from a year of maternity leave, I was overwhelmed with getting my classroom back in order. All of my belongings were in storage and packed away in a very unorganized fashion. All I wanted was to start my leave and spend time at home with my new baby. The thought of unpacking and returning to work a year later was the very last thing on my mind. Well, fast-forward 16 months... My belongings were a mess and I had NO idea where to begin! That's when I contacted Michelle of Worthy Spaces®. She saved my sanity and helped give my new classroom a beautiful facelift!

My supply cabinet is the most organized it has ever been! My students are able to locate any supplies they need. My colleagues are envious of how organized it is and ask if they can take a look to get some ideas. Michelle took her time and sifted through hundreds of pencils, markers, paper clips, glue, etc. She labeled dozens of bins and gave each supply a new home in my closet. The best part is, she organized it in such a way that it is easy to keep it neat and tidy!

With all that Michelle did in my classroom prior to the new school year starting, organizing my classroom library takes the cake! I am a book freak and had hundreds and hundreds of books packed away in storage. When I opened the many bins that contained my books, I instantly felt dizzy! There was NO way I was going to get my library up and running before the kids returned with the many other things that had to be done. All I had to do was give Michelle a few pointers so the kids would be able to navigate freely through the books and she got to work. I was speechless when she finished! They books were perfectly placed in their colored bins. The labels were neatly taped to the outside. I was overjoyed with the outcome and couldn't wait to introduce my new kids to the wonderful books that would take them away to far away places! Michelle made it possible to have my library ready for the very first day of school!

I consider myself a very organized person, but Michelle takes it to another level. She does it with such ease and leaves you with the feeling of great relief knowing she has the situation under control. She is wonderful to work with as well. There is literally no stress when she arrives! She gets right down to business and give each job her all. I can't recommend her enough! Thank you, Michelle, for all you have done for my classroom and my kiddos! You are one of a kind!
~ Stephanie A.

There is a word to define this company… Heart!!. The ability to get everybody involved and excited about the project, the attention to details, the dedication to provide the best options. All of these combined with the warmest attitude and care. Michelle puts her heart into every job and it shows. The result: an excellent job in my house… Congratulations Michelle on a job well done!!
~ Wilmer C.

I recently had Michelle come over and help me organize my upstairs closets. I was not involved in most of the process as I had to work that morning. When I was done with my work I came upstairs to the most wonderful surprise! Not only was my closet looking better than it ever had, but Michelle came up with different ways to structure my closet and make it the most organized it has been in 10 years of living in this home!

After my closet she moved onto my children's closet. I have a son and daughter who share a bedroom and it has always been difficult for me to set things up so they can both get to their clothes neatly. In no time at all Michelle had it structured so that both children could access their clothing and I could utilize the rest of the closet for storage with ease!

Then she moved on to my nemesis...the linen closet! I no longer have to fight with my towels to get them all to fit on the shelves and even have room for my sheets and tablecloths! Without even asking for help in my kitchen, Michelle made a wonderful suggestion...to install a shelving unit underneath the overhang of my countertop. I was able to find something for a very reasonable price and assemble it myself. It looks fabulous and has provided me so much additional storage space for my kitchen items so that my countertops look clean and neat.

Michelle is a pleasure to work with and actually loves what she does and gets excited to help her clients. We should all have the pleasure to work with somebody so enthusiastic and talented. I refer people to Michelle every chance I get!
~ Debbie S.